We are Momentum Freaks

Know what drives us.

Who We Are

We're here to help  organisation's to  GAIN MOMENTUM in today's market by strategically building their employer brand. A culmination of the organisation's unique culture, unifying brand purpose, and policies and practices that motivate employees to steer their organisations towards unprecedented and meaningful growth. It's our mission to provide the most effective and resource-efficient solutions to navigate the challenges posed by evolving technology, employee trends, and the need to equip HR channels with planned interventions and impactful communication strategies.

Why Us

When life itself is on a skateboard, how can employer brand solutions tug along on a tram? 

For companies in the fast lane, we designed a unique accelerated EVP diagnostic and development solution to propel your Employer Brand. An introspective and future forward approach to EVP evolution process that brings together key insights from research, strategy and HR practices in just 2 months. 

We don’t just equip you with the strategy, but take it forward as tailored design solutions for cohesive rollout and maximum impact.

Once launched, we help internalise and build up your Employer Brand promise via inside-out activations, recruitment kits and external communication, instilling a circle of continuity in talent attraction, retention and goal alignment initiatives.

Team Members

Thoughtfully curated diverse team of experts: researchers, strategists, designers, writers, and media evangelists. Each with 25+ years experience on building Indian and global brands bringing alive captivating communication and creating smart, effective experiences.