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Be it a quick round up of vision statements, values, culture or policies or a deep immersion to identify the company’s true personality as an employer brand that makes it stand apart from the rest, our 4-step evp framework is designed to go deep and wide to evolve the best employer brand powered by employee value proposition strategy that will attract & retain best-fit talent. The steps we take for building an authentic, attractive and inspiring employer brand are:

EVP framework


Review existing data. Bucket the insights.

Step 2


Identify the gaps. Launch the probe.

Step 3


Link the dots. Evolve the big picture.

Step 4


Co-create propositions. Design the identity.

Marquee Service

Accelerated EVP Development

With a warp-speed world of market trends and tech advancements, your employer brand can't afford to fall behind. Introducing our Accelerated Framework—quick, effective, and anytime—boosting employee retention and talent acquisition.

Other Services

Employer Brand Research and Analysis

Uncover valuable insights and understand the current state of your employer brand to inform strategic decisions.

Market Research

Gain a deep understanding of the external talent landscape, industry trends, and competitor analysis to identify unique positioning opportunities.

EB Architecture

Develop a structured framework and roadmap that defines the components, elements, and strategies for your employer brand.

EB Positioning

Craft a compelling and differentiated positioning statement that clearly communicates your organization's value proposition to attract top talent.

EB Identity Development

Create a cohesive and authentic employer brand identity through visual elements, messaging, and storytelling that resonates with your target audience.

Work Showcase


Bridging the Gap: Connecting Employees to Company Values

Value Oriented Campaigns' to come along, with a deeper connection of values to gets in action.


Identifying Employee Experience Insights

Identifying gaps in aspirations and expected employee experiences


Formulating the Unifying EVPs

Evolving an Employer Brand that connected employees to the Corporate Vision and Mission


Go for Growth

Mount a charged up internal campaign to onboard the employees to the aggressive vision and inspire them to embrace autonomy.


Exciting referrals for always on jobs

Lights, Camera, Referrals: How Freecharge Added Some Bollywood Spice to the Hiring Process!

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