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Lights, Camera, Referrals: How Freecharge Added Some Bollywood Spice to the Hiring Process!

Freecharge is a growing fintech company that needed to add tech talent on an ongoing basis to scale its business. For this, it looked upon the current employee base for bringing in like minded tech talents. To get their attention, Freecharge overhauled its incentive program with swag benefits. In addition to this the challenge was to ensure engagement and not be boring with simple emails that would get lost in the inbox.

We are talking to zennials

A generation that responds to content that is entertaining, humorous and relatable. With their limited attention span, they prefer bite-sized content in the form of short videos or meme’s.

The creative idea

Famous Bollywood film quotes distorted to act as an invitation to join Freecharge, presented as memes. A fresh one was sent to the employees every week. Creating excitement and anticipation of the next topical meme they would find in their mails. At the same time, this worked as a constant reminder to them for drawing referrals.

Why it worked

It channeled that 'X-factor' they vibe with. The x-factor being the conversational, positive, upbeat, concise and inclusive tonality reflected in the ads that acted as a re-enforcement of the very culture at Freecharge that they connect deeply with. The content and style of the communication excited the young employees to spread the good word to a more diverse set of audiences than was possible with traditional recruitment channels.