Case Study




Internal Communication


Service 1


Mount a charged up internal campaign to onboard the employees to the aggressive vision and inspire them to embrace autonomy.

Freecharge is a growing fintech company that needed to add tech talent on an ongoing basis to scale its business. For this, it looked upon the current employee base for bringing in like minded tech talents. To get their attention, Freecharge overhauled its incentive program with swag benefits. In addition to this the challenge was to ensure engagement and not be boring with simple emails that would get lost in the inbox.

We are talking to zennials

43% zennials say they prefer a fully self-directed and independent approach to learning. They are self-starters and they want to be part of the HUSTLE.

The Fcians 10x rally

Present them the attitude, fervor and speed they need – as a team, or individually – to deliver the next level growth. Use the most charged up team sports wherein the journey is hard, the finish line far – but everyone comes together to ensure that it is crossed. Design theme: Car Rally and Rafting

Setting the tone necessitated a journey internally with the employees

We started with teasers (emailers) and brought it alive in internal wall covers, posters and danglers with both physical and virtual photo op to catch the geared up looks, when we told them “see the possibility, not the problem” | “amazing things happen when you take charge” | “Now it’s time to shift the gear and get on a overdrive.” Milestones they had to cross along the way were brought alive with timelines. Badges of achievements marked all small and big wins.