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Evolving an Employer Brand that connected employees to the Corporate Vision and Mission

PeopleStrong was launching a new corporate identity to mark its transition from traditional HR services to HR Tech for the global organizations. In conjunction with that, they needed an employer brand that aligned the employees to the new mission and set the stage for unprecedented growth.

The transition was orchestrated with an amalgamation of multiple CEOs and companies

Over the last few years, multiple companies joined hands to provide newer solutions and efficiencies to their growing client base. Hence, there were 2 key challenges: 1. A need to bring the different teams together. 2. Ensure everyone internalizes the new mission and feels motivated to match the expected pace of performance. We had 2 months to build and launch the new Employee Value Propositions We straight away deep-dived into the 3 employee segments identified: techies, business managers, and support functions. Data crunches, brainstorms and interviews were lead to identify desired demographic and behavioral traits from each segment and in turn, their needs and motivations from this employment opportunity. The common trigger: “Growth Opportunities” that will fuel next level collaborations.

The brand is set let's play on

The new corporate identity positioning of DRIVING MOMENTUM lay the foundation for the employer brand. We held one-on-one interviews with the CEO's of the different companies that have come together. The objective: evolve the common denominators on desired talent, culture and wins on offer, that will help the new conglomerate to fuel the momentum they wanted. The launch campaign was designed to re-align the pace of existing employees and also help create a line up of the right new talent that will be required as the company scales operations in answer to the growing base of clients. This was supported by the EVP’s that called out the different CHASES in the GAME.

Empower mid level managers to be the torchbearers of the new employer brand

Instead of rolling out EVPs and the Employer Brand Proposition to the employees at large, we started by first focusing on the managers. A workshop was organized to help them to experience it live, and mark it with their own thumbs up. This led to the fastest delivery of the news to the rest of the employees. Building interest, anticipation, and even a pre-buy-in. Subsequently the roll out included a common hiring speech, referrals campaign & onboarding kit from pre-hire to hire. Equipping the managers to set a precendence for higher engagement and motivation right from induction phase itself.