Case Study


Spark MInda


Employer Brand Research


Service 1


Identifying gaps in aspirations and expected employee experiences

Our task was to launch an extensive survey to identify gaps in top-down, bottom up and cross functional communication channels that may be impacting the employee experiences and draw out clear recommendations for building action, retention and performance by employees across the organization.

A diverse base of respondents spread across multi-lingual workplaces

The survey needed to capture the voices of 16000 blue and white collared employees working across 33 factories and offices. The success of the research was dependent on 2 critical factors we saw: 1. While the office staff was connected via official emails, there was a need to provide digital access to factory workers. 2. To ensure meaningful feebacks, we needed to segregate the questionnaires by office and factory staff, while ensuring some consistencies for overall analysis; and we needed to provide them with an option to choose their first language for participating in the feedback.

Launch of a new sambandh

To democratize intent and build trust for inviting voluntary, open feedbacks from both blue and white collar employees alike, we introduced the survey as an initiative to build stronger bonds and ensure everyone has an equal say.

A3 phase rollout plan

The research was continuously supported by mailers inviting people to participate. Not only that, leadership videos were launched in 4 languages to establish and maintain trust for open feedbacks. An extensive on ground network of people was deployed to help garner a good response rate. Post research analysis: Both quantitative and qualitative feedback were sought and analysed to help identify actions that can be taken, from internal communication standpoint, to ensure employee experiences are enhanced in factories, offices and most importantly, to ensure seamless connections between the 2 audiences.